Running is a great sport which anyone can do just about anywhere and for you to enjoy it, you need the right running kit. Whether you are a veteran athlete or a complete beginner, having the right gear is important as it has an enormous impact on your performance, comfort, and motivation.

If you’ve never thought that what you wear matters, this article will convince you that the right running gear actually improves your chances of success.

What is running gear?

Before we examine the importance of having the right running gear, it’s worth understanding what it is in the first place. Running gear is simply a general term referring to a list of items you wear during a workout.


They can mean anything from technical clothing, running shoes, hydration belt, compression garments, GPS watches, performance socks, sports bras, and heart monitors among others.navigate to this website to see what running gear you need depending on your personal preferences.

Why you need the right running gear

Now that you already know what running gear is all about, we can now go ahead and educate you on why the right gear improves your chances of success.

1. Boosts your confidence

First things first, having the right running gear plays a critical role in boosting your confidence. If you wear the right gear, you know that you already look great and you will act it out too to perform as great as your looks. Whether you are running for pleasure or competition, the right gear will motivate you to run your best which will, in turn, improve your chances of success.

2. Improves performance


When running, your body warms up and therefore, your gear will have a huge impact on your overall performance. It is recommendable to consider technical fabrics because they’re lightweight for your comfort, and also are specially designed to move moisture away from your body thereby keeping your skin dry. According to research, having the right athletic clothing enhance your aerodynamics and lowers your wind resistance by 0.5% to 6%.

3. Adds protection and prevents injuries

Success is not all about having the latest or the most expensive running gear but having the right one. For instance, wearing the wrong running shoe could increase your chances of injuries.

Therefore, having the right gear such as clothing that will protect your whole body to prevent icy cold winds from hitting your arms and legs, a cap to protect your face and cover your head, and the right shoes that will not only lessen the impacts of your steps but also cushion the foot from heavy landings will definitely increase your chances of success.