When it comes to your female boss, try and keep the gift simple. Little gifts are effective and cheap ways to say thanks to your female boss without making it seem to look like bribery. The ideas are for farewell, birthday, Christmas and even boss day. You might also use these gifts to say goodbye. I am sure your boss will appreciate that you were thinking about them. Here is a look at the best gift for a female lady.

Gold & Marble Coffee Mug

Your female boss will definitely love this gorgeous cup with a beautiful ‘Boss Lady’ design. She will love this piece of art which matches the kitchen and office décor.

Wood Wall Art

This wall painting is super cute and comes with excellent quality. She can put it on her mantel or a shelf in any of the rooms.

Desk Signs


Desk signs are excellent gifts for your boss lady. They are pretty sassy, but you can select whichever one fits the personality for your boss. You can click to read more about these desk signs. But all are equally credible.

Desk Storage

This is a perfect organizer that can be used for desk storage or at your female boss home to ensure they never have about the whereabouts of their keys and phone. This will be a good gift with the fact that they deal with regular work problems each day.


Your boss lady will love a good planner. The planner is organized and trendy, plus it can fit her purse or bag perfectly.

Thank You Cards


Thank you, cards go a long way, in appreciating your relationship with your boss, especially in business. You should hence make an effort to give your female boss a set of chic thank you card.


Shopping for a gift for your female boss can be a bit tricky as everyone has a different relationship. It is hence suitable to have a wide range of gift ideas to choose from. Just ensure you are comfortable with them opening it at a party.