Golf is a game that is played and enjoyed by many people from all over the world. It is easy to learn and play the game. However, it requires some concentration to master it well. The golf game is played on a course that consists of 18 holes.

Pitching and chipping are commonly used terms in a golf game. One gets a better score when these two holes are properly aimed or executed.

chipping vs pitching

A chip short has more ground time than on air, it also has little carry and a bit more bouncing time and rolling on the green. It is usually taken at a very close distance, from the green.


It requires smaller swing time to the pitch shot. During chipping, a golf player aims a certain shot after which he allows the ball to roll the rest of the way. It depends on how far the ball is going to travel, the place where the hole is located and the green angle on the path of the ball.

For a player to well execute this technique, he or she must kneel slightly putting more weight in the front foot. Before hitting the ball, the player must swing his or her arms back with the shoulder and cocking the wrist.

This is followed by swiftly swinging the club and hitting the ball at a perfect descending order.

On the other hand, a pitch is one that spends more times compared to that of a chip on the ground; it is more carry with high trajectory and more spinning that will help it stop easily after landing on the green.



A pitch shot mostly occurs far and away from the green when compared to that of a chip shot. It also requires a longer swing time to execute it properly.These are the main differences between a chip and pitch shot in a golf game.