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We welcome you to our website, dedicated to the history of the United States. Here you will find some rare historical treasures and facts. Like those who first settled this country, it is a journey that is also a life of discovery. New information comes to light every day regarding the history of the country, and we will report that to you after it has gone through our editorial board.


Our Mission 

For decades there has been lost and hidden information about the true history of America. Add to this the misinformation often spread about for political purposes. Our mission continues to be seeking and verifying the best available information, and providing it to our members in an objective and honest manner. It is impossible to separate some historical facts from the politics that were an essential part of the events that ensued. This information we leave to you to decide what side of the political spectrum you choose to place yourself.

We Are Your History Guide

Any journey requires a guide to navigate the difficult waters you will encounter. One part of those waters will involve challenging you to set aside your preconceived ideas about people, places, and things, and engage us with an open mind to learn from a purely objective historical view. Think of yourself standing on the top of a hill and looking forward. What you see from afar will be much different when you arrive there.

World History Online 

Though modern Americans see the United States coming to existence primarily by British people, the truth is the whole world has been responsible for the beginning and current status of the country as a world leader. You will also be able to see the rest of the world’s history looking at it from across oceans and continents. For decades America has been known as the Great Melting Pot of peoples and cultures. Understand our many ancestors brings further objectivity to understanding the history and culture we enjoy today.

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