One of the most common situations for a hiring business lawyer is for business. Contrary to the belief, there are a lot of situations that occur in the course of doing business that requires expertise. Specialized legal help in this sector might include situations where writing business contracts are required. From consumer to business or business to business, a business owner might need someone to litigate disputes between parties. Credit collections and umbrella categories are also business situations that require an experienced attorney. Below are 5 situations when you need a business lawyer.

1. Taxation Situation

Ownership issues and growth issues and other legal issues can and do arise while managing a business. An experienced business attorney can help you determine if you should be a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC).


Additionally, they can help with contracts for clients, understand contracts, and understand your business. Other mitigating circumstances like an acquisition or merger with another business, zoning compliance, registering federal trademarks, and copyright protections are all areas where an experienced attorney can help your business.

2. Estate Situation

Estate planning is something that businesses and individuals alike need an experienced attorney. This is invaluable for protecting assets for the future. As your business expands, there are accumulating assets that need a place to go in the case of a sudden death.


No one is exempt from passing away, so it’s important to remember, you want your assets going where you want them to go. As an illustration, if there is not a type of protection plan in place, legal requirements in your state could turn your assets into a default state process called intestacy. This can have your assets going to people that you didn’t want them to go to.

3. Family Situation

Family law issues are a very popular situation that most people find themselves in at one time or another. Divorce decrees and parental rights can change and modifications to the decree will need the help of an attorney. Situations like child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, paternity, and guardianship are all situations where an experienced attorney can make a difference in your favor.

Adoption is also another situation where an attorney can help to negotiate fair terms on your behalf as well as communications with the adoption agency.

4. Criminal Law Situation

If a business or employee of that business is being charged with a crime, an experienced criminal lawyer is most certainly someone you would want on your side. These types of attorneys have prior relations with district attorneys and prior experience with the presiding magistrate.

businessman signing a contract

They have professional researchers and investigators on their payroll that will do whatever it takes to prove your case. Additionally, they have access to other resources that are not available to the average citizen. When you have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side, you get fair representation on your behalf in a court of law.

5. Personal Injury Situation

When you are a business owner you can not always avoid a personal injury that occurs on your business property. These are known as civil matters in a court of law. No crime has actually been committed; however, negligence or an accident has occurred. The law calls this a tort and it is an infringement or wrongful act of a right that results in a civil legal liability. To put it another way, the injured party is deemed the right to be compensated in full by the responsible party.

A personal injury lawyer will ensure that your business does not exceed the allowable amount due to the claimant and protect your business from fraudulent personal injury claims.