7.6 x51 is mostly known as 7.62×51mm NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It is a kind of a rifle cartridge that is rimless and bottlenecked. It was developed among NATO countries in the 1950s as a standard, mostly for small arms. Some of the guns using 7.62 x51 includes;

M4 rifle


M4 rifle was mainly developed as an experimental weapon, based on the M1 Grand rifle. M14 was officially the United States rifle. In 1959, it became a standard issue rifle for the US military. It replaced the M1 Grand rifle but later replaced by M16 Grand rifle. In 1930, it was one of the most advanced infantry rifles.

M60 machine gun

The M60 machine gun was introduced in 1957. Every military branch of the US has used it. It served very well the military and still serves many other Americans states. Even to the 21st century, its manufacture and upgrade continue. Some splints in its roles and design are still going on.

M240 machine gun

It has been of use by the US armed forces as early as 1950s. Mostly used by infantry, in rifle companies, ground vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft. It is quite heavy compared to certain weapons, but it is of high regard for its standards and reliability.

Sniper rifle

This is a high-precision rifle mostly used in sniper missions. It helps so much during long rage surveillance. The military can use it, even law enforcement and civilian militias. It is portable and can be fired on the shoulder. Sniper rifle has a telescopic sight, which brings extreme accuracy.

Automatic Gun

If you want a unique option, you should buy ammo online, which also uses the 7.62 x51? It also serves well, although it is rare. You might only get it if you search online.These are just a few examples, among many other guns that use 7.62 x51mm. It has been and continues to be of great help among different groups in war and operations.