It is common knowledge that too much consumption of alcohol is harmful to the user’s health. The question that many people keep asking is, how much is too much alcohol? You might think you do not consume too much alcohol, but then you end up suffering from alcohol-related diseases. People fail to understand whether the meaning of the sentence is limited to the amount of alcohol one consumes in one sitting or over a given period.

Both definitions can be correct. One can drink too much alcohol at once or over a given duration.

The Recommended Alcohol Intake For Men

According to NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), the low-risk consumption of alcohol for a man should be not more than four bottles in a day. Any man that can consume more than four of the standard drinks in a day can be considered to be taking too much.


Also, the number of bottles that one should take in a week shouldn’t exceed fourteen. The fact that drinking fourteen bottles in a week is what is recommended makes four drinks a day too much alcohol in a week, especially if you drink daily. As a man, you should meet both the daily and weekly requirements so that you can be considered as not drinking too much.

The Recommended Alcohol Intake For Women

For women, their recommended low-risk consumption of alcohol is lower because of their vulnerability to alcohol-related diseases. For this reason, they have to take less than men in a week so that they reduce the chances of suffering from such diseases.

If you’re a woman who drinks daily, it is important that you keep the rate below three drinks. It is the standard recommendation from NIAAA.

Also, the total drinks in a week shouldn’t exceed seven. If you drink three bottles daily, it translates to twenty one bottles, which means you’ll have exceeded the weekly limit and drinking too much. To be on the safe side, strive not to exceed both the daily and weekly limit.

Low-risk consumption of alcohol doesn’t imply that one is safe

Even if there is a recommended amount of alcohol that every gender should take in a week, it doesn’t apply to every person. Some people can take slightly above the recommended amount and still be healthy. Others take far much below the recommended number of drinks but are more susceptible to diseases that are related to alcohol use.


Every person should know the amount they can take without affecting the body. Consumption of alcohol is meant for recreation and should never be allowed to reach a level where one makes impaired judgments. If you find that you’re taking too much and you are having a hard time to stop, you can join United Recovery Project and start your journey to sobriety.

If both men and women stick to the recommended number of standardized drinks in a week, then we can have few cases of alcohol-related diseases. People are also advised to stay away from daily consumption of alcohol as it can easily lead to addiction. When the consumption of alcohol reaches the addiction level, it becomes quite hard to stick to the recommended rates. One will automatically find out that he or she is taking too much alcohol in a week.