Many people keep a running schedule to keep fit or to prepare for an upcoming marathon. It is difficult to select between the two because people differ in preference. Some people will claim to have the best results on a treadmill while others just enjoy running outside. We could argue on which is the most effective method, but there would be no right or wrong answer. Each method has its benefits and disadvantages for your training needs and goals.

Running on a treadmill

Advantages of running on a treadmill

• The smooth surface makes the running experience easy on your joints.
• You are not limited to time as you can do it anytime.
• You are not affected by the weather or temperature constraints when running.
• You can run alone and access the washroom whenever required.
• It will assist your legs to turnover; hence, making running easier and faster.

Disadvantages of running on a treadmill


• You run in a controlled environment making it difficult for you to run outside.
• Running on a treadmill could weaken specific muscles and you may get hurts when you go back to run outside.
• As the running pattern on a treadmill is predictable, there are chances you could get an injury from overworking some of your muscles.

Running outside

Benefits of running outside

• Running outside is entertaining and stress relieving as it makes you want to run an extra mile without getting too exhausted.
• Your training does not stop because you traveled, you can run from anywhere.
• You can set a distance goal rather than step off a machine for a specific duration.
• It is good for your bones and muscles as you do not get to run in a linear pattern – running on concrete provide ground muscle reaction forces that strengthen your bones and muscles.

Challenges of running outside


• There are more chances of getting injured while running outside than when running on a treadmill
• Sometimes the weather may not be in favor of you running outside; hence, you may have to skip training
• Running outside requires you to have a specific schedule

Perceived benefits versus actual benefits to running on a treadmill and running outside

Most people assume running outside provides the best training results. This is not entirely true as you can get the same workout by running outside or on a treadmill. check this out, you run for 2 miles for two days each week and run outside on the weekend. You will realize the outcome is the same as training is all about effort and not about a specific place.


However, it is arguable that running outside will provide challenges that will present better results than running inside on a treadmill. Despite running on the same pace on a treadmill running outside makes you use more energy. You may put double effort when running on a treadmill to get similar results to running outside.