One of the most important skills you can teach yourself is the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones from an attacker. The world like we know it is full of bad people, and the only way you can be sure of being safe when around these bad people is by learning how to both defend and protect yourself.

MMA fighter falls among the best self-defence styles ever. It has wonderful qualities that may come in handy when defending yourself – the exposure, the conditioning and the training in multiple range. Not forgetting all the sparring.

Better, the style boasts a great stand up and ground game. It’s one of the skills you learn to gain confidence, and most importantly, train yourself to be a walking weapon.

So is martial art good for self-defence? Well, when you enrol for an MMA class, your trainers will rarely talk about self-defence. They’ll instead be talking about disarming, knife defence and whole lot of other classic self-defence tactics that may come in handy while diffusing the advances of an aggressive attacker.

MMA Fighter's

The benefits associated with learning MMA stretch far beyond being able to defend yourself. Speaking of which, MMA is also a skill you’d want to learn to stay fit, boost your confidence level, and develop both your physical and mental health.

Why MMA experts don’t Explicitly Associate the Art with Self Defence?

While it’s pretty obvious that MMA may help you subdue an attacker who is out for your blood, MMA experts don’t like lumping the style with other self-defence tactics. And the reasons are pretty obvious.

Key among them is that street fights are unpredictable and can easily escalate to something ugly, especially where gangs are involved. Such fights must be avoided at all cost, given they always end up with you killing someone or getting killed in the process – neither of which is good.

But if the situation has escalated to a point that you have NO way out, then your MMA skills may come in handy.

A good number of MMA skills are great for self-defence. For stand up techniques, you have Boxing and Muai Thai to count on – while martial arts techniques such as Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ), are actually great for grappling your attacker and getting them to submit.

What you’ll be learning from an MMA Training

MMA combines a whole lot of fighting techniques, of which self-defence is a major component.

Majority of the street fights usually involve hand-to-hand unarmed combats, but that’s NOT to say there won’t be situations where force enhancers will be used. In a situation where your assailant is NOT armed, MMA makes it a cinch to subdue them and remain protected. But in the event that they’re armed, then that changes how you react to the whole situation.


What MMA does is that it exposes you to first-hand experience of a real-life fighting scenario. It will then teach you a skill-set and a number of tools that you may use to defend yourself in case of an attack.

Majority of the human population walk around fully convinced that they inherently know how to defend themselves properly. But how wrong could they be.

They’re simply walking under the cloud of invincibility, but when faced with a real-life situation that demands that they actually hold their ground and defend themselves, that’s when it hits them that they have all along been overplaying their natural abilities to defend themselves.

The first thing MMA will be teaching you is how to remain calm in all situations and give yourself the much-needed time to think. This is easy when you have the training because back in your mind you’ll be confident that you have the skillset and all the required tools to help you diffuse the situation if it calls for it.

This may NOT help you solve the situation, but it does give you a huge advantage over your assailant in the event of an attack.