Do you wish to take your family to the best holiday destination but not sure where to take them? Well, this article presents the best holiday destinations across the globe that you have to visit with your family on your next, holiday vacation.

1. Lapland

Lapland is one of the best holiday destinations during the winter season. Rather than staying at your home during the winter season, fly to Lapland that has a finished spot where snow’s pretty is guaranteed.

Your kids will enjoy seeing Santa, hope on a sleigh that is pulled by a rider and get involved in many activities around Lapland that are run by the elves.


There are many other activities to enjoy, too, including skiing, hiking, and snowmobiling. This destination has a variety of resorts, with plenty of shops and restaurants.

2. Majorca

Majorca Island has been rated as the best holiday destination for the family for the past 50 years. It has everything you would want for a family vacation.

It has amazing beaches, shot flights, great hotels, cultural packed old towns, great family hotels, and many attractions.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is first becoming a tourist preferred destination, especially for a family holiday vacation. It is full of child-friendly hotels and kid’s activities to keep your children involved throughout the holiday stay. It also has beautiful beaches that are budgeted friendly, lively promenade and a lot of water sports on offer.

4. Cyprus

This is another great destination that combines ancient Greek sports and traditional harbor towns. At Cyprus, you will enjoy high octane activities and authentic island life.


It comes with great resorts that are family favorites. You will also find beautiful sandy beaches, traditional restaurants, and water parks.

5. Italy

Italy is full of beautiful UNESCO heritage sites that are cherished all over the world. It also has natural landscapes that make Italy one of the best family holiday destinations to consider.These are the best holiday destination for families that you should consider when planning for your next holiday trip.