The Native American tribes are known for their handmade products made from the natural resources of their region. The tribes, peoples, and nations of the southwestern United States are some of the best-known Native American Indian groups. These groups include the Hopi, Zuni, and the Navajo Nation.

Three gems of the Navajo Nation.


The turquoise gemstone is perhaps the most distinctive feature of Indian Navajo jewelry. It is known around the world for its beauty. Turquoise is only available in certain regions of the world, including the Southwestern United States.


This gem is prized for its beautiful color, which changes over time due to natural exposure. You will find Navajo jewelry with turquoise gemstones ranging from blue and green to brown and yellow.


Coral is an organic gemstone after the Kingdom of Gems and Minerals. Corals are not formed by minerals, but by the remnants of coral polyps. This stone can be found in a variety of colors, including black, gray, orange and pink, although red or white coral is more common.


Like corals, amber is another organic gemstone used in Indian Navajo jewelry. Amber is very unique compared to other gemstones or minerals.

Amber is formed when the resins of old pine trees harden over time and trap plants or insects in them. This substance has no established chemical formula and may differ from place to place due to regional environmental factors. Amber is best known as a gemstone with a red, orange or yellow color.

southwest jewelry Hopi

Hopi jewelry has a different style than other Native Americans. The Hopi are known for using silver coatings in which two silver layers converge. The eye-catching and often elaborate design is in the upper layer, while the lower layers serve as a base.


Not so long ago, the Hopi developed this technique. In fact, the Hopi did not have much interest in silver production. In their relative isolation on the plateaus in northeastern Arizona or Mesas, they were (so to speak) something against external influences. Even the interaction with other Native Americans was limited.

The Santo Domingo

Julian Lovato of Santo Domingo Pueblo is a renowned master craftsman who has created some of the finest jewelry in silver, gold, coral, and turquoise. His pieces are collected around the world and are considered some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry of the Native Americans.

Although it is rare, some of the incredible pieces can be found online. However, it is extremely important to talk to a reputable online retailer who specializes in authentic Native American jewelry.

Find a reliable online store that can guarantee the authenticity of Julian Lovato’s jewelry by presenting a certificate that guarantees he has truly done so, and his tribal affiliation, the retail value of the jewelry and the addition of jewelry used for the jewelry Materials.


Julian Lovato’s jewelry is distinguished by its discreet elegance and its ability to transcend the boundaries between traditional and contemporary jewelry. The artist himself was born from a family of traditional pearl makers. His grandfather and father worked with turquoise, shells, and coral to create ceremonial chains that were exchanged with other tribes and villages in the southwest.

Native American jewelry has a rich history, and these creations are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. As exclusive fashion accessories that can not be found anywhere else, many Native American jewels favor American jewelry.