Cancer has proved to the nightmare of this age as far as health is concerned, claiming lives every day and all over the globe. The situation has called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to help fight this disease and save lives. People ranging from patients, survivors all the way to volunteers form an integral part of the team that is bent to kick this disease out of our world.

Cancer runs and walks give an opportunity to all members of the community to join in the fight against cancer and support survivors, patients and their families.

One way to support those suffering from this ailment is through the . This is a way of showing that you support the people, imperatively morally and also through financial help. A cancer run is one way any member of the society can chip in the battle against cancer. In 2018 alone there were more than a thousand runs across the globe geared towards dealing with the cancer menace. These are some big cancer runs that made a significant impact in that year.

Relay for life

This is one run/walk that has consistently been on the frontline in the war against cancer. Relay For Life brings together a team of fundraisers with the common goal of raising funds. There is a designated path or track where participants or team members walk around a track.


The event takes about 6 to 24 hours. The participants are divided into teams, and each team must have a member on the road at all times. This is a symbol for never-resting cancer. These teams also have campsites in which they fundraise by collecting all forms of donations.

The vitality Big Half

The Vitality Big Half is a for cancer run that is based in the United Kingdom. The main focus of the run is to fight against breast cancer. The Vitality Big Half is an event that has been created by Virgin Money London Marathon.

Participants in this breast cancer run get complete support from the organization’s Events team to ensure that they get everything they need to raise donations. In 2018, the event was a success, and now participants are looking forward to the upcoming event.


Cancer runs are famous and it is their nobility that makes the success. Almost everywhere across the globe, there is a run or walk or any other form or event geared towards creating awareness. As years go by people, learn from this event and become more empowered against cancer. In 2018 cancer runs and walks have helped raise billions of dollars across the globe and educate millions more on the same. With cancer being on the rise every year, every single effort is worth the trial.

Runway Run 2017 013

Cancer walks and runs are fantastic ways to reach out to other fighters in this war. 2018 cancer runs were even more successful than previous years. This is because more people came out with zeal to stand up against cancer and stand with the afflicted people and their families.