Decorating a new home with window treatments can be a very challenging experience for everyone involved in these home decoration projects. Because there is so much that people can make their selection from, it can easily become confusing. However, once the owner and their family members have actually found the right one, it can be fun to look at how well the decor comes together.


So, when you are searching for the right types of drapes for a room, it is important that you factor in their overall functions before the style. By looking at functionality first, it instantly narrows down your options significantly. Whether you are looking for drapes that filter in the light, create a little privacy, or add a touch of color to the room that you are decorating, there are at least 4 components that you should keep in mind at all times.

1. Consider Privacy and Lighting

Depending on the space that you are decorating, you should consider how much light that you are expecting to filter in and out. For instance, if you are selecting drapes for your living room, you may choose  that will be sheer enough to allow the light in that you need and want. Or, if you do not want to let more light in, you may opt for darker drapes instead so that you can have all of the privacy that you need.

2. Make sure You Obtain the Right Measurements

Drapes can be designed in many different ways. Because of these many variations, the owner of the home must have the right measurements before they can be made correctly. With the right size, they can enhance the look and decor that you are trying to present. In order to make sure the measurements are accurate for the fitting, you will need to take measurements of the following:

height from rod to the floor
the height of the rings or hanging hardware
Space desired between the curtains and the floor.
the width of your window

3. What’s the Best Material

Because of your investment in time and money, you are probably looking for the perfect drapes for the room that you are decorating. A big part of making sure everything is just right for the room that you have selected is the type of materials that you have chosen.

Home Drapes

So, when you are looking for the right type for your home projects, you should consider the following as you make your final decisions.

sunnier vibe look for lightweight fabric (i.e. linen or cotton)

Casual and airy feel look for heavier fabrics (i.e. suede and velvet)

4. Choose Your Style

After you and your family have reviewed all of the components listed above, you can then focus on the style of drapes that complements the décor that you are creating. For instance, you may want to look at bold colors that make a statement whenever someone enters the room. Or, in some cases, you may include solids that tend to be a little more subtle. In either case, you can look for those that have different patterns and designs that can liven up any room in your home.